Аппети́т, прихо́дит во вре́мя еды́.

We are a group of friends who like making games together. After our 6th gamejam as a team, we thought it was about time we made it facebook official. Our aim is to bring you fun, quirky, innovative game experiences!


Brittney Oberfeld

Producer.Game Designer


Lee Tran



Kimberly Koronya



Jen Costa

Sound Design

About the game

We are really excited to announce the development of Za Vas; a quirky simulator of a Russian dinner party.

The player enters a classic Russian dinner party. They must endure the entire length of the party while keeping up with all the expected actions of a dinner guest. Throughout the night, they must eat, drink, make small talk, take photos and dance their heart out - all to the Russian beat.


  • 2014 Ad Hoctober 'Dames Making Games' Social
  • 2014 TOTechBash
  • 2015 Bit Bazaar 6: Harbourfront Centre @ the Pan Am Games

DMG AdHoctober TOTechBash Pan Am


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